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February Goals

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Early in January, I wrote a list of 10 resolutions. I actually wrote them as more of a goals list and soon I realized they were a list of goals for January, not the whole year. And I then decided I should write goals lists every month, if possible! Here is the list from January and my updates on whether I fulfilled these goals.

Jan Goals

  1. Be more organized about my blog posts. I’ve started a calendar and I’m keeping notes!
  2. Keep up with keeping things clutter free. (see tomorrow’s post for more on this).
  3. Join up with a blog challenge and keep up with it (that’d be this).
  4. Finish the sleeve on the coat I’m knitting.
  5. Finish the Rapunzel hat I’m making for Violet and send it over.
  6. Watch more of Once Upon a Time. :)
  7. Print my December pictures so I can continue with Project Life.
  8. Run 6 minutes at a 6 mph pace on the treadmill. Yesterday I thought I was doing the wrong day on my plan when it told me to run for 6 minutes, so I only did 4. But it was supposed to be 6. So tomorrow I try again.
  9. Comment on more blogs.
  10. Do another swap – and I just signed up for this one!

How I Did

  1. I am still using the calendar and I’m working on filling it out for February. It’s not always set in stone and things change based on what’s going on in our lives, but it’s helping!
  2. It’s going ok. I definitely need to work on the toy situation in the living room.
  3. I am still doing Tuesday Topics.
  4. I finished the coat!
  5. I finished the hat and even ran a giveaway for another one at Leslie’s site. You can buy your own in my etsy store! (The winning hat is being mailed out this week).
  6. I am almost caught up to current with Once Upon a Time! I’m going to start DVRing it in time for the next new episode in one week!
  7. Only thing I didn’t do. I kept putting off ordering prints to try to get a free sale on them, but there hasn’t been one yet. It’s not really that expensive, so I need to get on that. Plus I need to order January prints, even though there weren’t that many good ones to print!
  8. I am up to running 10+ minutes at 6.2 mph. The longest I’ve done was 13 minutes.
  9. I think I’m commenting more!
  10. I completed the book swap – and my partner sent me Gone Girl! I have a bunch of library books I need to finish before I can read it though.

Feb Goals

  1. Get clothes ready for the spring consignment sale.
  2. Go through the toys and sort them into a bin to keep for later (rotating out toys), a donation bin, and a sell bin. Move most of the toys to the basement.
  3. Finish at least one sleeve of the sweater I’m knitting.
  4. Complete 3 craft projects to share on the first 3 Wednesdays of this month.
  5. Complete 2 craft projects to share on the last Monday of the month for the  2013 Craft Challenge.
  6. Print photos and catch up with December and January Project Life pages.
  7. Figure out our Purim costumes and Mishloach Manot. Purim is Feb. 24, don’t worry I will explain all about it closer to that date!
  8. Run 15 minutes straight at 6.2 mph.
  9. Run 10 minutes followed by another 10 minutes at 6.2 mph.
  10. Do another swap – I love them! I signed up for this one:

Cara Box


There are a few things going on here this week that may be different than my normal posts – including co-hosting the GFC Blog Hop and a giveaway – and I am hoping to see my blog followers increase. Thanks as always to everyone who is already following along!