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Knitting Rainbows (And Leftovers)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Remember the coat I knit that I showed you two weeks ago? (If you don’t remember, click here). You may have noticed that it is very rainbow bright! For as long as I can remember, I have loved rainbows. I basically hoard yarn in rainbow colors! Today I wanted to share some of my knitting projects I have made with rainbow yarn.

I rarely knit socks anymore, but I made these while in Disneyland in 2009!

One of my early shawls.

This sweater was hard! It was made with two strands of the same yarn, fair isle style. Then it was cut up the middle to turn it into a cardigan!

Hooded cowl. I still wear this pretty often.

Scarf. I was going for a pooling effect making the colors stripe, but they bled over a bit. Still, it’s pretty cool.

Sweater and hat set I knit for Simon when I was pregnant.

My personal favorite – I took a picture of Simon on this blanket every month from his birth through age 1. Here he is 4 months old.

Another shawl.

Just knit this one this past week – it’s a head wrap and I really like it!

Finally, the main point of this post is to share what I made with the leftover yarn from my Rainbow Jacket – an ear warmer for Gabbie! She loves it, as do many of the teachers at school who complimented me on it!

Linking up with Rosie’s craft challenge – crafting with leftovers!

Which of these projects do you like the best? Which would you wear?