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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

If you read my guest post yesterday at Myranda’s blog, I posted a picture of our kitchen in its so-called current state. It looked like this:

Well here’s a little secret. Before I took the picture, I took everything off the counters and hid it on the floor where you can’t see it! Here’s what our kitchen counter actually looks like:

DSCN1804a DSCN1807a

Everything gathers on the counters. And my biggest problem is the dish drying racks. We have two sets of dishes – one for dairy and one for meat – so we have dish drying racks on either side of the sink. I don’t know what to do about this problem! I do put the dishes away, but the racks still sit there. I considered buying new nicer racks, but I am just not sure. I wanted to clean up my counters and while doing that I ended up organizing two of my cabinets. At least I got something done!

These are the two far corner cabinets you see in the photo above.

I also put away the little white basket that was gathering randomness and replaced it with this pretty, larger basket that I found at Target.

The dish drying racks are still there. What do you think? Any amazing suggestions? Should I dry my dishes in the cabinet under the sink? (I also did a bit of organizing under there. No pictures, it’s nothing special).

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