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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kitchen Organization

If you read my guest post yesterday at Myranda’s blog, I posted a picture of our kitchen in its so-called current state. It looked like this:

Well here’s a little secret. Before I took the picture, I took everything off the counters and hid it on the floor where you can’t see it! Here’s what our kitchen counter actually looks like:

DSCN1804a DSCN1807a

Everything gathers on the counters. And my biggest problem is the dish drying racks. We have two sets of dishes – one for dairy and one for meat – so we have dish drying racks on either side of the sink. I don’t know what to do about this problem! I do put the dishes away, but the racks still sit there. I considered buying new nicer racks, but I am just not sure. I wanted to clean up my counters and while doing that I ended up organizing two of my cabinets. At least I got something done!

These are the two far corner cabinets you see in the photo above.

I also put away the little white basket that was gathering randomness and replaced it with this pretty, larger basket that I found at Target.

The dish drying racks are still there. What do you think? Any amazing suggestions? Should I dry my dishes in the cabinet under the sink? (I also did a bit of organizing under there. No pictures, it’s nothing special).

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Steve S said...

Not much to say about drying racks, but one thing we've done to the INSIDE of the cabinets that we love is have something like this: (we found a little tiny corner one in Amazing Savings), that we use to separate things like large and small plates and bowls. Having them not sitting on each other is wonderful, as you never find yourself needing to move one to get to the other.

Kimberley Tobin said...

My kitchen disaster is the cupboard with all of the plastic containers, tops, and random Tupperware pieces in it! I can never find anything in there! I have a dishwasher and just throw everything in there and run it daily, so I don't actually have drying racks and can't help with that part, sorry!

That's What She Read said...

I am in love with your countertops!

Chloe Moon said...

I have the same problem where my dish drying racks eats up my kitchen space. I'm assuming you eat kosher which is why you keep them separate so that's hard...I know they make smaller dish racks so you could just see if you eat more meat dishes or diary dishes and keep only 1 big one for the most used & have a smaller one for the later. Or just have one for meat and keep your dishwasher solely diary food plates or vise versa. It would free up a lil space! =)

I love your countertops too! =)

Ergo - Blog

Raising Reagan said...

Hahahaha... that's totally something I would have done! I must admit though...I hate stuff on my countertops so I keep them pretty clutter free. You need a pantry! Stat!


Leslie @ Violet Imperfection said...

As I read this post, Marc was having a flip attack about our cabinet where the pans go. LOL. Sorry, our kitchen is a disaster too. I have no advice. I am trying to think of something for the drying racks. I have seen ones that are two levels, but that probably wouldn't work with keeping the, separate enough, right?

hsmominmo said...

you have a beautiful kitchen! if the dish strainers have to stay put, then I'd invest in ones you really would like to look at. There are some really cool ones out there, I'd go shopping!

EA Bussey said...

Beautiful kitchen! I love your candid & trick photo :) So cute the way you started this post. I saw some lovely dish drying racks that are made of bamboo and are very pretty on the counter. I saw them at either Bed, Bath and Beyond or The Container Store.

Libby said...

Yeah, I read that post. I love your kitchen. Makes you want to cook something. :-)