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It’s OK

Thursday, January 24, 2013

It’s OK that I didn’t get my planned post ready for today, because instead I can tell you what’s OK (and not OK and sort of OK) with me today!

It’s OK that this is my first time taking part in “It’s OK Thursdays.” I follow both Amber and Neely and see this link up everywhere!

It’s [sort of] OK that I spent $5 for 100 gb of storage at Google Drive. I did this because I got a new computer and I’m afraid to lose all of my pictures and music.

It’s [not really] OK that it’s going to take a week to upload everything!

It’s OK to have two computers running at the same time – but it’s annoying because I only have one monitor and I have to switch between them!

It’s OK that I had to re download firefox on the new computer – because I figured out how to save my settings from my old computer!

It’s OK that my new computer didn’t come with speakers built in because I bought a cheap pair at Target.

It’s [not] OK that Microsoft is having issues with the site I need to download my copy of Office from. I called them and I got disconnected. HUH? I called again and I think I figured out how to download it on my own. Why are support people so unhelpful?

It’s [very] OK that I figured out how to make my own ring tone for my iPhone, but it’s NOT OK that no one has called me since I did it!

It’s [not] OK that my kids are obsessed with Netflix. We got a Bluray player that has a wireless connection and now they can watch it on the TV. Craziness!

It’s OK that I’m awful at Scrabble. I still play it all the time online with my mom.

It’s OK that I didn’t run a 10 minute mile on Sunday – because I did on Tuesday! Now I just have to run longer on the 2nd interval (I did 10 minutes, walk 2 minutes, run 4 minutes, and I need to increase that second run!)

It’s OK that the post is almost all about my new computer – because that’s what’s on my mind! I hope to be back with my normal type posts tomorrow!