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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Interviews With The Kids

Today I decided to interview my kids! I pretty much wrote exactly what they answered, as you can tell. Simon was listening to the other kids, which might explain some of his answers!


What is your name?

  • Gabbie: You know what my name is. Why can’t you write it. I don’t want to answer that one.
  • Zachary: You know just write it.
  • Simon: My name is Simon

When were you born?

  • Gabbie: April 1st 2005
  • Zachary: June 7th
  • Simon: [no answer]

How old are you?

  • Gabbie: Seven. And three quarters.
  • Zachary: Five. [later he tells me to write 500]
  • Simon: Three. [he is actually 2 but he always says he’s 3 for some reason!]

Who is your mommy? 

  • Gabbie: My mommy is my mommy.
  • Zachary: you.
  • Simon: my mommy.

What does your mommy do?

  • Gabbie: You don’t do anything. Oh, you take care of the kids.
  • Zachary: You put me to sleep.
  • Simon: You go to work.

Who is your daddy? 

  • Gabbie: My daddy.
  • Zachary: I don’t want to say his name. All I can say is daddy.
  • Simon: You are my daddy.

What does your daddy do?

  • Gabbie: He works.
  • Zachary: He works.
  • Simon: Play.

What is your favorite color?

  • Gabbie: Pink, purple, blue.
  • Zachary: Of course you know. Blue.
  • Simon: My favorite color.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

  • Gabbie: Ballet teacher.
  • Zachary: Nothing. I meant a police. No not a police. Nothing.
  • Simon: [no answer]

What is your favorite food?

  • Gabbie: Pizza.
  • Zachary: Cookies.
  • Simon: I don’t know.

What food do you not like?

  • Gabbie: Pasta with ketchup.
  • Zachary: Salad.
  • Simon: Green bagel. [?]

What is your favorite animal?

  • Gabbie: A dog.
  • Zachary: Goat because we get to feed them at the farm.
  • Simon: Tiger.


Where do you want to live when you grow up?

  • Gabbie: Kansas.
  • Zachary: Here. In this house.
  • Simon: I go shopping. I live at shopping.

What do Mommy and Daddy do when you are at school?

  • Gabbie: Daddy works. You go shopping.
  • Zachary: Don’t know.
  • Simon: Daddy is sleeping. You play.

What does Daddy say?

  • Gabbie: He says “I’m a Lion.”
  • Zachary: Joke. Bob.
  • Simon: He says roar.

What does mommy say?

  • Gabbie: I love you.
  • Zachary: Nothing.
  • Simon: You say roar.

What is your favorite song?

  • Gabbie: Rolling in the Deep
  • Zachary: Ya lala lalili. [Ya’lili]
  • Simon: Ya lala lalili [Ya’lili]

What is your favorite movie?

  • Gabbie: Tangled.
  • Zachary: Toy Story.
  • Simon: [laughs]

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

  • Gabbie: Cookie dough.
  • Zachary: Chocolate and vanilla mixed together.
  • Simon: ice cream.

Where is your favorite place to eat?

  • Gabbie: Home. Actually Village Shalom.
  • Zachary: Same place as Gabbie’s.
  • Simon: [no answer]

Who is your favorite person?

  • Gabbie: You.
  • Zachary: Mommy.
  • Simon: [no answer]

Who is your best friend?

  • Gabbie: Chava, Etty, and Charli
  • Zachary: You.
  • Simon: Dahlia.

What is your favorite book?

  • Gabbie: Little House on the Prairie
  • Zachary: Don’t have one [I think it’s “The Little Engine That Could”]
  • Simon: [No answer but I think it’s “Brown Bear”]

What is your favorite thing to do?

  • Gabbie: Ballet
  • Zachary: Build
  • Simon: [no answer]



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Shoshanah said...

If Gabbie's favorite book truly is Little House on the Prairie, you have to get her the Betsy-Tacy books. At least the first few. They're some of my favorites, and I'm still disappointed I didn't discover them until middle school. But in the first book Betsy & Tacy are 5, so they really are meant to be read younger. Not sure if you have them already, but just want to try to convert another person to a Betsy-Tacy fan!

Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

Haha this cracks me up! "What do mommy and daddy do when you go to school?" "Dad goes to work, you go shopping." Haha they have no idea...too funny!

SimplyyMayra said...

Hola Dara!
This interview is amazing, hilarious, tender and true! Thanks for sharing!

~SimplyyMayra :)

Hanna said...

I absolutely love this!!! It made
ME laugh out loud!!!! I have to try this:) love!!!!!!!

Raising Reagan said...

Gabbie cracks me up!!! Love her!


Leslie @ Violet Imperfection said...

Hilarious. Green bagel! And now I want to read Little House on the Prairie.

Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

Kids are funny, you should do this every year :)

Libby said...

This was a joy to read! Kids have a very interesting perspective on things. I wonder if you ask them these same questions in another year or so what they would say. :-)