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Why Ariel is my Inspirational Princess

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

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[sources: the disney princess and simple disney things]

When I first started looking into doing the Wine & Dine Marathon, I came across a review of last year’s race on a blog I now follow – She chose to dress as Ariel for her run and she accomplished this by wearing a purple sports bra and a green running skirt from Team Sparkle. Her inspiration was found here.

I started looking through the other costume ideas on the site, but kept coming back to Ariel. When I listened to her song Part of Your World while running, I always thought of how I wanted to be a runner and part of the running world. I wanted to get my legs, just like Ariel.

That is why I’ll be wearing this to the race Saturday night:

397286_497895493567980_257802671_n shorts

If you see me there, say hello! If you want to follow me virtually, updates will be posting on my personal facebook page, as well as on my twitter account.