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Thankful November

Thursday, November 22, 2012

This month I’ve been participating in eighteen25’s Thankful Book project where each day in November I have been taking an Instagram picture of something I am thankful for. I thought Thanksgiving would be a great day to share my pictures thus far, and I also plan to come back and fill in the rest of the photos so my whole month can be seen in one place.

1 2 3 4
1. Simon. 2. The ability to run. 3. Electricity when a lot of people did not have due to Sandy. 4. Last long run before the 1/2 marathon.

5 6 7 8
5. Naps. 6. Empty carseats – kids at school. 7. Birthday cake. 8. Gabbie.

 9 10 11 12
9. Zachary. 10. Forgot my iPhone cord on vacation, thankful my husband brought me to buy a new cord to use. 11. Celebrating my birthday at Disney. 12. Dave.

 13 14 15 16
13. A girl who loves to dance. 14. Met my distance goal, now starting over and trying to get faster. 15. A quiet morning with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 16. Free Coffee.

 17 18 1920
17. When the kids play together. 18. $70 coat for $14.20. 19. Quiet play at the library. 20. A boy who plays with dolls.

21. Coffee.

To be continued! Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!