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School Updates

Friday, November 23, 2012

Simon and I have taken a bit of a break from our Letter of the Week Preparatory Curriculum work. We’ll be back with week 7 next week though! I also haven’t shared pictures of Simon at school recently. Here are the ones his teacher has posted from mid-October through now!

This is from Simchat Torah!

Eating with his friends. I just love the chairs they use!

Playing outside in the leaves.

Reading a book with his teacher and his friend.

Simon always seems to be the driver with someone smaller than him in the back!

Using toy cars to collect leaves.

524937_901171863025_57267993_n 525018_901171987775_1220439299_n
Inspecting the parts of the future new playground.

Sand table!

More outside play.

More sand table.

Do you think they are sharing or he is trying to take it from his friend?

Looking in the window at the other class.

And some of his recent school projects:

DSCN1023 DSCN1024

Next up, some of Zachary’s recent school work.

DSCN1025 DSCN1026
He brought him a booklet where he labeled beginning, middle, and end. It seems that it was based on the book “Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late.”

Here he drew Esau / Esav (on the right) and Jacob / Yaakov on the right. He spelled Yaakov wrong, but aren’t his drawings so cute?

Here is his thankful book. It’s all in Hebrew.

The cover. He says it means he’s thankful for clothes, his heart, and flowers.

This page is about why we need water. He has to drink (top left), to grow, to play, and to clena.

These are all the animals he is thankful for!

This page is about how the class met a rabbit!

Zachary also brought home a list of what everyone in his class is thankful for. He said his brother.

Gabbie brought home work this week as well. The top one I just thought was cute, and the others are from her unit on the solar system.

 DSCN1085 DSCN1086 DSCN1087 DSCN1088 DSCN1089

For Gabbie’s poetry unit, she had to present a poem with an animal theme. From a book of poems about dogs (Name That Dog! Puppy Poems from A to Z by Peggy Archer), she chose 2!

Puddles (Scottish Terrier)

Sloshing through puddles
Splashing his toes
Leaving wet paw prints
Wherever he goes.

Drinking from puddles
Rain, cool and sweet.
Leaving more puddles
Behind on the street.

Queenie (Lhasa Apso)

We bought her yummy doggy treats
for “sit,” and “beg,” and “stay.”
She just sits there and looks at us
and gets them anyway.
She digs and barks and jumps and runs.
She doesn’t listen, ever!
But Queenie knows she’ll always rule
our house and hearts forever.

Gabriella’s Reflections:
I like the poem Puddles because it’s cute that it’s the same kind of dog that I have at home. I like the poem Queenie because it’s cute that they say that Queenie never listens but still rules the house.

On a side note – is this post too long? Should I be splitting up the kids’ work into different posts?