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Letter of the Week Preparatory Curriculum Week 6 and School Updates

Saturday, November 3, 2012

This week we worked on Week 6 of the Letter of the Week Preparatory Curriculum. This week’s theme was Rainbows! Simon looked at the picture below and told me “that’s my rainbow one!”


We read the book What Makes a Rainbow this week. This colorful book is one of Simon’s favorites!

We have had the Octagon on the poster for awhile now, but this week we worked on coloring it red. Simon also colored our letter F red. Simon chose the stickers for the number 6 and tried very hard to stick them all on top of each other. Next week’s theme is Stars!

Simon brought home projects from school (actually done last week) in a transportation theme.

DSCN0886 DSCN0887

Zachary also brought home his projects from his body and home unit in Hebrew class.

DSCN0888This one says “My Family” and the top one on the right is Daddy, the one with the yellow shirt says “Sister,” the bottom right is Mommy, the bottom left says “baby” and the middle blank one says “me.” He didn’t draw himself.

This one says house, door, and roof.

And this is the parts of the body.

Yesterday at school  Gabbie shared her funny poem for the 2nd grade poetry unit. She chose the poem For My Brother, On His Birthday – by Kenn Nesbitt. Her teacher emailed me and said she did a great job and the class loved the poem. Here it is:

For my brother, on his birthday,
I was generous and kind.
As his sister, I was glad to get
the best things I could find.

I was sure he'd want a tutu
and a purple mini-skirt,
with some ballerina slippers
and a sequin-covered shirt.

I expected he'd want lots of dolls.
I knew he'd need a bike,
so I picked a pink and sparkly one
I figured he would like.

I selected a tiara
like a princess ought to wear,
plus a bunch of bows and ribbons
and some scrunchies for his hair.

I'm aware I'm much too generous
with presents but, you see,
he deserves it. On my birthday
he bought baseball cards for me.

Gabbie’s class is doing a poetry unit and parents get to help them find poems for each theme. First up was the funny poem theme, next is animals! I will share more on the poems she chooses as we get to them!