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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Half Marathon Medal and Disney Pins Displays

So we needed a way to display our beautiful half marathon bibs and medals. I decided to use one of the cabinet doors I got from the Re-Store way back in the summer. I attached the bibs with spray adhesive and used velcro to hold the medals in place. Here is what I came up with!


The next issue was how to hang up the display. I remembered I had a shelf that I got at a garage sale and decided to turn it into a Disney display shelf. I had used another cabinet door to make this Disney picture display and had never hung it up! So now both sit on the shelf.

DSCN1014 DSCN1015 

Something was still missing though! Here is what I came up with to display my Disney pins. I used a small canvas and painted blue and yellow stripes on it. I used Disney themed washi tape in between the stripes and stuck in my pins. If I ever go back to Disney for a longer period and end up with more pins, I will have to revisit this, but for now, I love it!


Here is what my shelf looks like now:

DSCN1018 DSCN1019 

I also wanted to share my signed “I Did It” shirt! It was signed by Pinocchio, Gepetto, Donald, Minnie, Goofy, Mulan, and Mushu.

DSCN1021 DSCN1022

Do you like my display shelf? I do! I may hang something else under it at some point, maybe the awesome poster I got at the expo!

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Holly Nicole said...

Everything looks awesome! After my office is finished I want to (finally) find a nice way to display my medals and race bibs and such. And now I want to fancy up my pin display too. Right now they're just stuck up on a corkboard.

Mary Caryne said...

Oh I love your race items display! I have been trying to figure out what I want to do with mine. I found this thing on etsy that will hold all the race bibs and medals, so I might do that since I still have my bib from last year's Halloween 5K at Disney. Then I can just add to it. I love the Lasting Commemoratives items, but they are so expensive. I also love that you got your shirt signed!! I really wanted that shirt, but never got it (I think I felt like I would be jinxing myself). A girlfriend of mine is a cast member and said that Cast Connections gets the remaining items about a couple weeks post race, so she will be looking for one for me.

K Coake said...

I love the display you came up with. Love that it has the bibs and the medals! Very neat.

Leslie @ Violet Imperfection said...

Oh my goodness, everything turned out so awesome! I love the canvas pin display, very clever. The way you displayed your medals is cute too! Perfect.

I love that you had them sign your shirt.

A in conclusion...I love everything about this post. :)

Leslie @ Violet Imperfection said...

So...not A.