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Flashback Feature #6 – Thanksgiving 2010

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Strangely enough, all the posts I made about our Thanksgiving trip to NJ two years ago are missing their pictures. So for today’s Flashback Feature, I am going to post the missing photos here. Two years ago, Gabbie was 5, Zachary was 3, and Simon was 3 months old!

 IMG_3405 IMG_3407 IMG_3411
My brother wasn’t here this year.

My oldest niece.

IMG_3415  IMG_3419
Some of the boy cousins.

Girl cousins.

This is the boy whose Bar Mitzvah we celebrated!

And since we’re talking past Thanksgivings, here is what we did last year (friends, not cousins):


Later this week or early next week I will hopefully post new pictures of the cousins and we’ll be able to see how they have grown!