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Disney World Without the Parks Part 1

Thursday, November 15, 2012

I love Disney World! I would love to spend a week there, or more than a week, but usually my trips there are short. This time I did not even have a full day to spend at the parks, and I feel like if I’m spending the money on a park ticket, I want to be there as long as possible. Like opening through closing long! So this time, the only parks we visited were the ones we ran through (Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios) and Epcot, for the after party. We still kept busy though.

The Disney World sign. You must take a picture, no matter how blurry it will come out in a moving car.

Here we are arriving at the Dolphin resort.

I don’t know why the Dolphin is decorated with these weird little fish that are clearly not dolphins!

I took this picture for Leslie!

More not Dolphins.

It was at about this time that I discovered I’d forgotten my iPhone charger. And since I have the 5, none of the hotels had one I could use. Yes, I was a little bit upset about it.

Another light fixture picture for Leslie.

The Boardwalk is a great, free place to hang out and enjoy Disney!

DSCN0915 DSCN0918 DSCN0919 DSCN0920
Inside The Beach Club resort. I would love to stay there one day!

DSCN0921 DSCN0924
Here we are the next morning.

Here’s a little secret. I love meeting Disney characters! I just find them so fun. And you can meet Disney characters without going into the parks. You pay a lot less than a park ticket and you get personal meet and greets with characters without lines. And yes, kosher food is available. Our first character destination was at the Grand Floridian!

The Magic Kingdom entrance!

The Monorail!

DSCN0929 DSCN0930
The Grand Floridian is really pretty!

This is before you go in. They try to sell you a copy for $35 or something crazy like that.

First we met Winnie the Pooh.

I asked the characters to sign the book I had made for the kids last time.

DSCN0935 DSCN0936
Next up was Mary Poppins.

 DSCN0938 DSCN0939
Next was Tigger.

Pooh came back for a hug.

DSCN0942 DSCN0943   DSCN0947
Alice enjoyed looking through our book.

DSCN0948 DSCN0949 DSCN0950
The Mad Hatter is really quite funny,

They brought out a cupcake for my birthday!

All done at the Grand Floridian – stay tuned for our next stop!

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