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Monday, November 5, 2012

Baby Photos

One of my very good friends had identical twin girls this past January. They are so adorable I asked if I could come over and take their pictures! When I got there, one was sleeping, so I took pictures of the one that was awake. I was able to take a few of twin #2 when she woke up, and a few of them together, which proved to be a bit difficult! Here are some of my favorites.

She proceeded to get stuck under the chair and needed to be rescued!

Yes, she is always this serious!

She was watching the big kids playing outside. I love the light and shadows.

DSCN0625   DSCN0629
I believe this is when she got curious about my camera!

Let’s check what those big kids are doing outside…

Zachary and the twins’ big brothers were raking leaves.

And jumping in the piles.

DSCN0635 DSCN0636
Now baby girl is happy seeing her big brother! (He’s a boy with long hair like my Simon!)

DSCN0642 DSCN0643
Zachary wanted to play too. He loves the babies!

Here is twin #2!

Here are a few of both girls. I couldn’t get them to look at me and in most of my shots they were looking at the other kids behind me!

DSCN0648  DSCN0651  DSCN0654 DSCN0655
Dinner time!

Aren’t they adorable? I would love to learn to photograph them better if anyone has any tips!


Libby said...

Awww, these babies are just too adorable. :-)

As for tips: I'm not sure what camera type you're using, but I'll say that natural light is always best. And, using the pop-up flash on the camera almost never works. If you have to use it, drape a Kleenex over it to soften the light. Not doing so usually produces very harsh shadows. Taking photos by a window that has a sheer to soften the light works as well. Hope these tips help. Have fun!

Marci Smith said...

They are sooooo cute!! I just want to pick them up and kiss their sweet cheeks! I am a huge baby lover. Thanks for posting such great pics so I can get my baby fix. xoxo

Roshni AaMom said...

They are all so very cute!!

Carla Sprung said...

All the kids were cute in those pictures but those girls are something else!!

Leslie @ Violet Imperfection said...

They are so adorable! I love their little serious faces.

I try to use natural light as much as I can but that is about the only tip I have. I think they came out great.