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Yesterday Via Instagram

Friday, October 12, 2012

1. Kids ready for school. 2. Simon and Buzz. 3. Simon singing. 4. Simon in the car – new car seat!

1. First stop of the day. 2. Just one of my purchases. 3. Time for music. 4. Tap your sticks.

1. Pick an instrument. 2. Egg shakers. 3. School for a meeting which didn’t happen and to bring Gabbie her dance clothes. 4. Gabbie’s locker. What’s with all the snack baggies?

1. My new iPhone cover. 2. Back to school to pick up Zachary. 3. Trees are starting to change. 4. Zachary and his bff doing something.

1. Back to school for the 3rd time to pick up Gabbie. 2. Here she comes. 3. Dinner (those are soy pepperonis if you were curious!) 4. Catching up on the DVR. Not sure I should continue watching Fringe. It confuses me and bores me.

And finishing the day with some knitting.

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