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Just A Few Short Stories

Sunday, October 14, 2012

  1. A few weeks ago, I was outside hanging a decoration in the Sukkah. I let our dog, Rudy, outside with me and assumed he was hanging out in the yard. When it was time for me to go pick up Simon, I called Rudy to come in. He didn’t come. I closed the side door and went over to the back door to see if he was waiting over there, but he wasn’t. I went into the house to use the bathroom, figuring I’d find him after that, when my phone rang. It was a really sweet girl named Sydney who called to tell me that she had Rudy! Apparently the gate had been left open and he’d left the yard. Of course I felt like an awful dog mom since I didn’t even know he was missing! I quickly opened up the front door where Sydney was walking Rudy on a leash! I thanked her a ton of times and brought him back into the house.


  2. After I got my iPhone, I was very excited to try running with it. I had also gotten a small waist pouch (like a fanny pack but much smaller) to carry it in. After I dropped off Simon at school on Friday, I drove to a park which is along a trail I had not run on before. I put my car key and my iPhone in my pouch and started my run. One of the things I wanted to do was take pictures while running so I could practice that particular skill for the 1/2 marathon. So along my way I snapped a few photos of the gorgeous fall foliage I passed. After my 3rd picture (I was already on my way back to the car) I suddenly remembered my car key. Nope, no longer in my pouch. My thoughts were of a few scenarios – either I never put it in the pouch in the first place and left it on the hood of my car, meaning that when I got back my car would be broken into or gone. Or I’d get back to my car and the key would be missing. Luckily I had a phone with me for the first time! I figured I’d call my friend to pick me up and I’d go home to get Dave’s key. (Turns out he had the key with him and he was on a flight home from California! But his car was at home, so that would have helped). Or I’d find the key along the trail. Which I did. Just sitting there where it fell out when I took my first picture. Oh my.

  3. Today Dave and I fulfilled one of my lofty running dreams – to run to Missouri. We live less than 5 miles from the border, so with a 9 mile run scheduled, we headed out and 4.5 miles later (although my gps shown below says 4.8!) we crossed the state line. Woo hoo! On the way back we took a detour into a church / school / something for a bathroom break. The strangest thing is that I really would like to know what sort of church this was because it was so lively with loud music and much dancing, but I found absolutely nothing on google when searching the name that was on the building! I looked on google maps to see what is located at that address and it is a school – only I can’t find that school name on google either! Maybe it was all a ran-really-far-need-to-pee hallucination??

    State Line Road is the state line between KS and MO. This is from the MO side looking towards KS.


  4. This last one is just something amusing that happened about 40 minutes ago. Today Gabbie got some new Legos. She really likes Legos! So she’d been working on them just before she went to bed. A little less than an hour after she went to sleep, she called for Daddy, who was sleeping on the couch, so I went over to the stairs to see what she wanted. She had her door open but didn’t respond when I asked what was wrong. When I went up towards her I saw she was kneeling on the floor and she wasn’t answering when I said “What’s the matter?” and “What are you doing?” Finally she said “I need to put the sides on! Where did that other piece go?” And she started running her hands around on her rug in the corner behind her door! So I realized she was building Legos in her sleep. Luckily I was able to get her back into bed without her becoming too upset that I hadn’t let her “put the sides on!”

So, which of my 4 stories do you like the best? Have any funny or random stories for me?