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Simon Says

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I read a post the other day called “Emma Says” and I thought it would be fun to write down some of the things Simon says. (Get it?) I tried to write down a lot of what he said throughout the day today! Some of it was repeating the same phrases over and over again, but it was pretty fun to track his words!

  • want paci
  • I’m ready, go in car
  • need to get shoes
  • I want Zachy
  • Who shoes that? Me?
  • Where Daddy?
  • I want cheese.
  • I want cookie monster. Cookie. Soon.
  • I want Gabbie.
  • I want watch Mickey
  • Open door. I need help.
  • I want milk.
  • Tantz tantz habibi.
  • Go on train.
  • Go downstairs.
  • Rhino!
  • See school bus! Right there!
  • Need more milk!
  • Who do that?
  • Who’s talking?
  • Wanna go in car.
  • Mama! Mama!
  • Where’s Daddy?
  • Where Jake go?
  • Where Chaim?
  • That funny. Say achoo!
  • Rudy do that! He take it!
  • Meeska Meeska Mickey House!
  • Go on train. Go in car. I go to work.
  • Have a good day! See you later! See you soon! See ya! Bye!
  • That mine? Thanks.
  • I did it!

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