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Kids’ Clothes as Decor

Monday, September 24, 2012

A while back I showed you how I upcycled clothing into a jewelry display and a bulletin board. I also have used my kids’ old clothing to make decor for their rooms!


This display is in Simon's room. Although it’s hard to tell, each frame holds a piece of cloth from clothing that Simon wore as a baby. Well, aside from the orange piece – that was a shirt of Zachary’s! The stars and circles were pajamas, the stripes was a shirt, and the checkers was a one piece outfit. The colors seemed to go together well and I love the memory of those baby clothes. (The S was not clothes, but fit in the display!)


Here is what I did in Gabbie’s room. Inside each frame is fabric from dresses. I also removed some of the detailing on the dresses and glued them to the outside of the frame for an extra touch. The top embroidery hoop holds fabric from a shirt, and the bottom is from another dress. I wish I had done this with more of her baby clothes!

DSCN0339 DSCN0334

Most recently I have made these from Simon’s shirts. The top is the front of a Gymboree shirt that he has outgrown. The sleeves were dirty, so I couldn’t sell it. I used the back of the same shirt as the background for the dump truck above (in the bottom picture). The two on the bottom are made from canvas. I stapled the grey shirt and the blue shirt around the canvases and attached the appliqués from the shirts to the front with thumb tacks. I had already discarded the rest of the dump truck shirt, which is why I needed another background for it! For the pirate ship, I wanted to use the front of the shirt without cutting it, but it didn’t fit right, so I used the back of the shirt as the background and attached the ship on top.

Now I just need to hang these in Simon’s room!

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