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Stuff I’m loving lately…

Monday, July 30, 2012


1. Google Reader. When it works I mean. I started out following blogs by pinning their buttons to a special pinterest board. Then I would click on them throughout the day to see if there were any new posts. However I read a post about the Google Next button which sits on my tool bar and brings me to the next unread blog post on my list whenever I give it a click. (Access this by going to your settings and choosing Goodies. Then drag the next link to the toolbar!) It wasn’t working correctly and a lot of the blogs I was following via Google Friend Connect weren’t appearing on my feed. Suddenly, earlier today, they appeared! Yay!

2. Having a working refrigerator. The little things, right?! Our refrigerator stopped working early last week and after being told it would take a week to get a part to fix it, we found a local company who fixed it 3 hours after we called them. We are lucky to have an extra fridge in the basement, but not having to run downstairs whenever we need something is wonderful!


The Olympics!

4. A new site I discovered today, called Tagxedo. You can use it to make all kinds of word art, like wordle, but much more user friendly, I feel. Check out what I’ve created so far:

star blog heart
The star is in honor of Simon’s favorite song. The circle is words imported from my blog! And the heart is our names. There are lots of shapes you can use and if you’re more creative than I am I’m sure you can create something cool!

5. Iced Coffee. I make it at home with store bought iced coffee and my blender – crush the ice, blend together, and drink! Yum!