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The State Of My Basement

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I just came up from the basement where I spent about a 1/2 hour trying to return toys to the right places before I gave up. I truly don’t understand the way my kids and their friends play down there. My first discovery was Gabbie’s keen sandals inside one of our cloth drawers. I highly doubt she had any idea where they were. And if I’d sent her to look in the basement, she wouldn’t have seen them and therefore wouldn’t have found them.

We have a lovely wooden doll house. Why, I wonder, are all the doll house toys on the floor surrounding the doll house? Were they blown out of their house in a mock tornado? We do live in Kansas afterall, and I know my kids have been evacuating all the boxes and ride on toys to the top of the pool table – not quite sure how that will protect them, but at least they are creative! We also have a very nice train table and a lot of trains. Are the trains on the table? No, they are across the room on the floor. I guess they took a trip. Then there is our play kitchen. Is the play food in the kitchen? Of course not!

I understand the kids play and their play involves using toys in whatever manner they choose. However, my big question is how I can get them to put the toys back in the right places. It shouldn’t be so hard – Barbies go in the big blue bucket, cars go in the small green one, trains go on the train table, stuffed animals go in a basket. Maybe the kids don’t understand the system? I am thinking we will do a little scavenger hunt and have them find the toys they have moved around and return them to where they belong – think that will work??