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Our New Chore Charts

Monday, July 9, 2012


Today’s project idea was found here.

Gabbie has loads of summer homework and it is always a fight to get her to do it. I was also getting tired of reminding the kids to take their plates to the sink or to the garbage can. I thought these chore charts were cute and decided to make my own. Here’s how they came out!


Each chore has a box after it that I taped over with clear packing tape so I can write on them with dry erase markers. They will get a check mark in the box for each of their chores. Then at the bottom there are boxes for each day of the week. They will earn smiley faces for completing their chores.

Gabbie’s chores are: homework, clear place, pick up toys, pick up clothes (somehow her clothes end up all over the floor, both in her room and in the living room!), and Mommy’s Choice – with 3 spots for check marks. This means if I ask her to do something for me and she does it, she can earn more check marks.

Zachary’s chores are: homework (for when school starts), clear place, pick up toys, throw out trash (Zachary eats a lot of snacks and so do his friends when they come over. His job will be to clean up all the trash!), and Mommy’s Choice.

Now, I am stuck with trying to decide how the reward system should work. On the link I posted above, it seems that each day the kids got to choose one of the reward cards that were attached to their clipboards. However, I don’t know if I want to give rewards every day or after a few days or even a whole week. Also, I can’t think of enough easy rewards! So far I have come up with: You Choose DVD to Watch (even though this will cause tantrums by Zachary!), You Choose Bedtime Story, and Extra Snack in Lunchbox (or at home, I guess). Please tell me your ideas!