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Father’s Day Run

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


So there was this 10K run. It was on Father’s Day. I didn’t run the whole thing, but I did finish the 10K. Not that finishing is a big accomplishment – barring broken bones, vomiting, or passing out, I always knew I could finish. I wasn’t sure I’d actually start the race though. I’m not a morning person. I was asleep in bed dreaming that I was already there, only I didn’t have my shoes. And then I woke up and we all ran out the door. And while I did finish in 1 hour and 25 minutes (please refrain from laughing), I was the 3rd to last finisher overall (now you may laugh).


Not to make excuses, but I actually wasn’t feeling all that great that day! In the end I had some huge blisters and some chafing marks on my arm, luckily I didn’t notice these ailments until after the run was over. Dave and the kids did the 5K. Zachary ran approximately the first 2 miles! Then he ran in the kids’ fun run.

IMG_0627_s_jpg IMG_0628_s_jpg IMG_3903_s_jpg

Lately I’ve been running on the treadmill. It is much too hot outside so the treadmill it is. I find the treadmill extremely boring and not realistic for training for an outdoor race. However, I can run at a steady pace on the treadmill without worrying about hills and other obstacles. My training tells me that my fastest mile time was 11.38 and my second fastest time was completed today, 11.42. (Both of these times are treadmill times.) My training schedule for the half marathon tells me to run at 14.50 right now, so at least I know I’m on track!

Image4 IMG_0378_s_jpg
Do you think I look different in these two photos?