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Zachary’s New Furniture

Monday, June 25, 2012

The other day I posted pictures of Zachary’s room as it had been since we moved into our house 2.5 years ago. Here is the furniture we bought, found via craigslist:
IMG_7788  IMG_7787
The dresser was the piece in the best condition. There is also a matching nightstand. The photo on the right is the bed – it is a platform bed and I’d already taken the drawers out. The bed was painted black, but I didn’t think it was the right color, so I chose a dark brown paint at Home Depot.
IMG_7786The bookshelf wasn’t included in the original listing, but we got it anyway, which is good since we really needed one! It was also painted black and I repainted it the same brown as the bed.
Once again, the before from the left side of his room:
IMG_7819 IMG_7820
His new bookshelf and nightstand! I also painted that shelf, which I’d found at a garage sale. That’s a dinosaur egg up there! And the bed. He also got two new prints via etsy for his birthday from my mom! You can see them here and here!
More updates to come!