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Road Trip 2012 Part 1 - OKC

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Two weeks ago, we departed on our road trip to San Antonio, TX. We decided to go to San Antonio to go to Sea World, where none of us had ever been. Our journey also took us through Oklahoma, a new state for all of us! So on Day 1, we visited the Oklahoma City Zoo. We are members of "our" zoo, the Kansas City Zoo, and when we visit other zoos we tend to compare them to our zoo. This zoo got our thumbs up!

Our first stop was the Children's Zoo. We really like goats and the goats seemed to like us too!

This one walked up behind the kids to get in the picture!

Next up was giraffe feeding! We fed them lettuce. Only the lettuce sold by and provided by the zoo, of course.

The OKC Zoo had recently updated their elephant area and we enjoyed seeing the African Elephants. Our zoo has Asian Elephants!  These elephants had a baby!

We also enjoyed the tigers, who were very playful and active. We actually left the tigers and then came back to them because we heard them roaring and we wanted to see what was going on! We think they were just playing.

On a more serious note, after we left the zoo, we visited the Oklahoma City Memorial. I felt that the memorial was very touching and an important place to visit.

"In the aftermath of the blast, children from around the country and the world sent in their own expressions of encouragement and love. That care is represented today by a wall of tiles painted by children and sent to Oklahoma City in 1995. In addition, buckets of chalk and chalkboards built into the ground of the Children's Area give children a place where they can continue to share their feelings -- an important component of the healing process."

Simon even tried to participate. When we left this area, he said "bye bye chalk."

 We enjoyed Oklahoma City, but we had to continue on. That night we stayed in a hotel in Oklahoma, continuing on to Texas the following day!