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Getting Organized

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Since Passover, I've been on a diet. I decided to diet from Passover until Shavuot, and to then reassess and see how it is going. So far, it's going pretty well. I am eating small portions and feeling fine. The best part is that I no longer have mid morning sugar drops where I feel completely shaky and dizzy and in need of sugar! Along with my diet, I've decided to get organized. I started in the kitchen, completely clearing off the mail drop desk and reorganizing it. I am now working on my office / craft room space. I was influenced first by IHeart Organizing, and the amazing desk she and her husband built. Eventually I decided to keep the desk I have currently, but get a new system to go next to my desk and to keep my desk surface itself clean and find places for everything! So far, it's going well. It's been a week since I bought the new furniture! I got this:

and this:

from Target. They stack together. I also got some fabric drawers to use to hide my mess of yarn, etc.

This was my desk before moving in the new furniture. (Believe it or not, I'd already started clearing it out before I took this picture!

Here it is a little more cleared out:

One of the ideas I got on pinterest was to organize the wires under my desk.



So much neater! Another idea I got was to make boxes for the kids' stuff that I've been saving in piles for them. Their baby books, photos, and cards they got for their birthdays, etc, are now in these boxes:

The spray adhesive left its mark, but otherwise I love how they look!

I am still working on the organization, so if you'd like to stay tuned, I hope to post more pictures soon! I have spent a lot of time looking over great organization ideas on the internet. One of the sites I've been looking at is Organize and Decorate Everything. She hosts link parties where all kinds of sites link up what they've been working on! And I'm going to link up this post too!