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Branson Vacation

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Over Memorial Day weekend, we traveled to Branson, MO. It was about a 4 hour car trip, which I spent knitting, of course!  On the way, we stopped at the Wild Animal Safari in Stafford, MO. First we walked around and fed some of the animals - the giraffe was my favorite! And then we drove in our car through the safari, stopping to let the animals stick their heads in our car, and laughing because Zachary was so upset by this!

Once in Branson, we explored the downtown, the lakefront, the fish hatchery, and of course our hotel pool!

At the hatchery, you can feed the fish, which the kids enjoyed greatly. We took a side drive into Arkansas, so I can say I've been there. I even fell asleep in the car there! We had a fun time and for an overnight getaway from Kansas City, Branson is a good option! Dave and I want to go back without the kids and try zip lining! :)