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Not in Jersey Moments

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

During the month of May, I had two actual Not in Jersey moments that I have been meaning to share.

First incident: I was looking out of the front window when I saw a woman walk by with her small dog. Said dog decided to poop on my lawn. Okay, it was on the other side of the sidewalk, on the strip of grass between the sidewalk and the street. The woman did not pick up her dog's poop. Now, in New Jersey, I routinely got into arguments with the annoying people who insisted on parking in front of my driveway while picking up their kids from the school across the street. It happened so often, it was almost a hobby. However, this time I restrained myself from opening the door and yelling at the woman! Because hey, I don't live in New Jersey anymore! In Kansas we don't yell at our neighbors...

However, in Kansas we do have tornadoes. You may remember last fall when I posted about our weather radio and the weather in Kansas. I mentioned then that it is pretty rare for tornadoes to come through where I live. Yet, two times in one week the tornado sirens went off. The second time, the warning was actually quite close to where we live, so Simon, Rudy, and I spent some time in the basement. Gabbie was safely in her school's basement, and Zachary was not so safely in his school's hallway. Zachary's school does not have a basement - something I would not have had to worry about in New Jersey. Luckily, the tornado warning passed by without developing. And the next time the tornado sirens sounded, it was only a test. Imagine being on the playground with 13 kids (and 4 other adults) and being blasted by the tornado siren. Certainly not in New Jersey.