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Simon is 9 Months Old

Friday, May 13, 2011

One month ago today, we left for Israel. And I have not blogged since. Last month, I did not take Simon's monthly picture on his blanket. I had meant to do it the day we left, but forgot. Tomorrow, Simon will be 9 months. I remembered that tomorrow I won't be able to take his picture, so I've done it today!

Simon now sits up with no problem. He can also move to crawling from sitting, but not vice versa. He still crawls using his arms and not so much his legs, but he gets around. He is generally happy and loves other kids and people in general. He is learning a few new tricks, such as smiling for the camera, splashing in the bath, and waving. He waves, just not on command. So when he does it, I tell him hi or bye, depending on the timing. We are also working on clapping and "How Big is Simon? So Big!"

Simon had a visit to the urgent care this month due to what we think was RSV. Originally he was diagnosed with bronchitis and given antiobiotics, but the day after he finished them he was coughing worse then before and having trouble catching his breath. We were then told that he had a virus (RSV) which had caused the bronchitis and was now bronchiolitis. He had a breathing treatment and we got an inhaler to use every 4 hours. For the next few days, Simon was pretty unhappy, but then he had a big improvement and started feeling himself again. Now, he still has congestion, but seems to be getting better each day.

Simon continues to love his big brother and sister, chewing on his toys, banging on things, music (he bobs his head like he's dancing when he hears music), eating, playing in the bath, etc!