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Passover Projects

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Once again, I am thoroughly impressed with the kids' school projects. For Passover, they each made several adorable things - my favorite being the hagaddahs!

Zachary's seder pillow
Zachary's kriat yam suf
Cover of Zachary's hagaddah
There are pictures of his class on each page - here he is on the right, and second to left on the other side
Zachary in the plaid hat
His friends - he's in the hat again
Zachary's seder plate
Zachary's frog
Zachary's afikomen bag - and his first traced Hebrew letters!
Gabbie's afikomen bag
Gabbie's names of the holiday worksheet
Cover of Gabbie's hagaddah - with her name written in script letters!
Seder plate page
Hand washing page
10 plagues
Dinner - notice Simon in the high chair!
We look forward to spending Passover in Israel!