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Gabbie is 6!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

After the kindergarten Melavah Malka, we had Gabbie's 6th birthday party. We shared the party with her good friend L, whose birthday is a few days before Gabbie's. Planning the party together with L's mom was a huge help for me! We invited all the kids in the kindergarten class. Since there are 29 of them, we didn't invite any friends from outside of the class. We had around 20 kids at the party.

First, since the kids didn't go home for lunch after the Melavah Malka, we had bagels and cream cheese. Then we divided into groups and worked on 4 projects - making s'mores in a jar, decorating a bag, making a flower to decorate the s'mores jar, and making bracelets (this one didn't work out too well - oops). The kids enjoyed the projects. We also played Pass the Parcel and every kid got a small prize. We had cake too!

Gabbie's birthday was on April 1. She had a fun day - she went to school and I met her for lunch. I also brought in a cake for her class (and discovered that in kindergarten, mommies don't get to stay for the party). After school, as she does most Fridays, Gabbie went home with her friend A. They also enjoyed a small cake there. After I picked her up, she opened her presents from us, Gramy and Grandpa, and Uncle Mark.  She also received balloons from Aunt Jodi and family!

At 6, Gabbie's favorite things include: ballet, ballerinas, recycling boxes into houses for her toys, American Girl, playing outside, princesses, Simon, playing "family," pink, being silly, pizza, TV, playing on, Ramona, having play dates, dressing up, and much much more!