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Purim is Coming!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Last Purim
There have been / are 4 things keeping my mind occupied lately. The first was the consignment sale. For the first time, I sold clothes at the sale. I ended up making $240. The next upcoming events are Purim, Gabbie's birthday party, and Passover. For now, I'm concentrating on Purim.

Purim is always a fun time, and making Misholach Manot baskets is one exciting part of the holiday. In the past, we have used a picnic theme (peanut butter, jelly, bread, red and white napkins, juice boxes), a tea theme (tea bags, etc in a mug), an oven mitt with hot things theme, and a letter G theme, among other things. 

Last year, we didn't do a specific theme and just bought cool Purim bags in New Jersey and put a random assortment of items inside. I think I enjoy making themed bags better!

Without giving too much away, this year our family is dressing as cowboys and cowgirls. Zachary is going to be a boy on a horse, and Simon is going to be a cow. Our Mishloach Manot baskets will correspond with our theme, and right now I'm working on making our bags and finding what to put in them.

Meanwhile, enjoy these photos of Purims past!

Two years ago - Zachary was not yet 2 and Gabbie was almost 4