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Purim Wrap Up

Sunday, March 20, 2011

In which I share our Purim costumes and Mishloach Manot bags...

This was our pre-Purim party at Village Shalom
The cow baby
Dave delivering shaloch manot today, joined by our extra kid "Mordechai"
The whole cow family
Me and my cow
Gabbie got her face painted
One of my very good friends also had a cow baby!
Our Mishloach Manot
Filled with "milk" things
Hope you all had a Mooovalous Purim!

Zachary's Purim Projects

Purim masks
Worksheets - done at school but they are from Mommzy! Zachary says he did this himself but I'm not sure I believe it!
Grogger, Tzedakah box, stamped picture

Gabbie's Purim Projects

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Some amazing projects came home for Purim! First up, Gabbie's projects:

Her Megillah is inside this tube. The top part is a grogger.
Here is the Megillah laid out down the hallway.
The kids decorated certain pages and everyone got copies - this is one of Gabbie's pages
Another of Gabbie's pages
And another
Purim puppets
Purim mask
Purim mitzvot (and Hebrew name written backwards)
And an amazing drawing of Gabbie in costume with a miniature Zachary next to her!!!

Why Everyone Should Celebrate Purim

Friday, March 18, 2011

You know how everyone pretends they're Irish on St. Patrick's Day and it's become practically an American holiday? And how about Cinco de Mayo? Mardi Gras?  What do these holidays have in common? All are holidays originally celebrated by a certain religion or culture but now are used as excuses to get drunk.

That is why I hereby recommend that Purim become an internationally observed holiday. It has qualities of all the best universal holidays out there! Check it out:

1. We dress up in costume. Sure, the reason for dressing up is to acknowledge the fact that God was disguised behind natural events in the Purim story, but dressing up is fun for everyone!

2. We give each other gifts!

3. We donate to the poor!

4. We eat a huge meal!

5. We get drunk!

Just a Jewish holiday? Pshaw! Everyone should celebrate Purim.

** Purim commemorates the deliverance of the Jewish people in the ancient Persian Empire from destruction.

Simon is 7 Months Old

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My little boy turned 7 months old on Monday. For some reason, it snuck up on me this time. Simon is really turning into a little kid. He wiggles around on the floor, not quite crawling, but he finally gets where he wants to go. On Saturday, when I sat him up, he was able to sit without falling over for a little while. He likes to feed himself with a spoon. He also learned how to pick up food with a pincer grasp. Sadly, he is not sleeping as well as he had been. He breaks out of his swaddle blanket and wakes up, or vice versa. Anyway, here he is at 7 months old!

Purim is Coming!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Last Purim
There have been / are 4 things keeping my mind occupied lately. The first was the consignment sale. For the first time, I sold clothes at the sale. I ended up making $240. The next upcoming events are Purim, Gabbie's birthday party, and Passover. For now, I'm concentrating on Purim.

Purim is always a fun time, and making Misholach Manot baskets is one exciting part of the holiday. In the past, we have used a picnic theme (peanut butter, jelly, bread, red and white napkins, juice boxes), a tea theme (tea bags, etc in a mug), an oven mitt with hot things theme, and a letter G theme, among other things. 

Last year, we didn't do a specific theme and just bought cool Purim bags in New Jersey and put a random assortment of items inside. I think I enjoy making themed bags better!

Without giving too much away, this year our family is dressing as cowboys and cowgirls. Zachary is going to be a boy on a horse, and Simon is going to be a cow. Our Mishloach Manot baskets will correspond with our theme, and right now I'm working on making our bags and finding what to put in them.

Meanwhile, enjoy these photos of Purims past!

Two years ago - Zachary was not yet 2 and Gabbie was almost 4