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The Rest of the Brachot Unit

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Last week I got to go to Gabbie's class to see their brachot (blessings) display. Gabbie was very excited to show off the parts that she made!

Here she is with the brachot tower
Brachot Guidebook
A book she made on her free time

Zachary also finished his brachot unit - here are his painted veggies

100th Day of School

When I was a kid we didn't count our school days. But for the 2nd year now, Gabbie has enjoyed counting until the 100th day of school. Last year, we had to bring in 100 items for the kids to count that day. This year, we made a poster which Gabbie brought in. She used stickers to make patterns - and she finally learned that patterns are called "patterns" and not "patteroons!"

Getting started
Simon helped by mixing up our sorted stickers
Zachary helped by peeling stickers
The beautiful finished product
Such nice writing!

100th day of school certificate

School Projects

Monday, February 14, 2011

I have not shared many project pictures lately due to the kids not bringing home projects with so many days off of school! Interestingly, both kids have been learning about brachot (blessings) and also did similar projects relating to last weeks parsha. It is always fun to compare the things their repective teachers due in class!

Zachary's brachot pages - I love the painted one!
Gabbie's "Ha Etz" vocabulary. Her class made a fruit salad!
Zachary's Kohen Gadol outfit - he refused to let me take a picture with it on him!
Gabbie's Kohen Gadol paper doll
Next up: Gabbie's 100th Day of School project! Mommy needs to get working on it! :)

Simon is 6 Months Old!

Six months ago this morning, Simon was born. He will visit the doctor on Friday to be weighed and measured, but I imagine he must be around 18 lbs. He is bigger than either of the other two were at this age - in fact, Gabbie was 18 lbs at a year! Simon enjoys playing with his toys, playing in the exersaucer, sitting in the high chair, and lying on his belly. He is working hard at getting to where he wants to go - it's not easy for him yet! Here are a few pictures. The last two are videos of Simon in the exersaucer - they show him playing but also getting frustrated!
Playing with Sophie
On the floor with Rudy


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I've lost count - I think yesterday was our 4th snow day and today is our 5th...but I'm not sure. This time it was a real blizzard! Yesterday morning, we put a bowl outside to catch snow for snow ice cream.

After about one hour
Full bowl of snow
Adding sugar
Adding milk
Ready to eat
The view outside this morning

Tu B'Shevat

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Two weeks ago we celebrated the new year for the trees. It was a snow day. Therefore, Zachary brought home his projects last Friday. He is also learning about nature and the 5 senses. Here they are!

Mr. Grass Head
A garden with potpourri flowers that smell good
Hand and fingerprint tree
Five Senses book
Zachary says this page is "shiny"
This is Gabbie's parts of a tree worksheet!