Not In Jersey: Snow? Snow? - Not In Jersey


Friday, January 7, 2011

The above picture was taken in January, 2009. Because we're not in Jersey, we didn't have a blizzard here two weeks ago, nor is it snowing today. However, snow is predicted for Monday. I am not looking forward to the possibility of a snow day! My kids will go crazy if they are stuck in the house for a whole day, and if they are crazy, I am too. Since I don't like the cold, I'm not one to want to bundle them up and take them outside. Maybe if they want to play in the backyard they can do that!

Other ideas: we can make the cookies from the dough that we bought from a friend's fundraiser. That will probably take up half an hour total. Hmm. I honestly can't think of anything new and different! Maybe I will give them the Zhu Zhu Pets I bought on sale for possible birthday presents and hope that they find them more fun than any of their other tons of toys they already have!