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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rosh Hashanah Projects, etc.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

We just finished celebrating Rosh Hashanah, Happy New Year! The kids brought home lovely projects, as usual!

Gabbie's poster of all the things she learned about Rosh Hashanah
Gabbie's Simanim plate with honey dish in the middle
Gabbie's month chart

Zachary's pomegranate picture
Zachary's honey plate
Zachary also made a fish plate, but it disappeared somewhere between school and home! Here are a few other projects the kids worked on these past few weeks:

Zachary colored green gimmels
Zachary colored a picture of fruits, and he says he wrote their beginning letters above them.
Zachary's class made a book about what the full moon is full of. Zachary said cream cheese and cows!
Gabbie made this fish, it says "I am a red fish. I am not a gold fish."
This Gabbie made at home. I thought it was hilarious, because she wrote I love you Dave, instead of Daddy!
Finally, here is a video of Gabbie singing a song she learned in school!

Learning in Pre-K

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Zachary seems to be learning a lot at Pre-K. Last week, I was very worried about him when he was seemingly unable to press down on a crayon hard enough to write, much less write a letter. For example, during the first week of school, he made this:

You can barely see where he drew the flowers. This week, I already saw some improvement when he showed me how he could write the letter A in chalk. He also brought this home:

See how much more purposeful his coloring seems? I hope this is a good sign. Zachary also learned about nocturnal animals, focusing around the book Owl Babies. He told us all about the owl Bill who says "I want my Mama!" and about the other nocturnal animals that he learned about. Here are his owl projects!

Our Trip to Omaha

Last Sunday and Monday, for Labor Day Weekend, we went to Omaha. The last time (and only other time) I'd been in Omaha was just after I broke my ankle. This time was much nicer! On Sunday we spent the day at the zoo.

Simon really loved the goats
I love these penguins!

Zachary of  course complained that we didn't go on the train. However, on Sunday we did go (after a quick dip in the pool) to the Botanical Garden, which houses an exhibit on Union Pacific Trains. He seemed happy about that! We also were able to see part of the Labor Day Parade, which we all enjoyed.

Fun in the pool
At the parade
Zachary is saying "Choo Choo!"
By the train
Reflected on the train!
On our way home, we stopped at the Lewis and Clark Visitors Center in Nebraska City, where we could see the Missouri River flooding. Due to the flooding, the highway is closed and it takes one hour longer to get to Omaha from Kansas City. However, I love living close enough for weekend trips to exciting cities!

Back to School

Monday, August 29, 2011

It's been a nice summer and I'm still way behind on posting here, but we're back to school already so I had to share!

Gabbie at home before the first day of First Grade
Outside her new classroom
By her cubby
Zachary at home on his first day of Pre-K
Zachary outside of his school
Cover of the book Zachary's class made during the first week of school
Zachary's page in the book - 2 apples up on top
Zachary's Alef challah
I look forward to updating more often with all of my kids' wonderful school projects and activities!

Branson Vacation

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Over Memorial Day weekend, we traveled to Branson, MO. It was about a 4 hour car trip, which I spent knitting, of course!  On the way, we stopped at the Wild Animal Safari in Stafford, MO. First we walked around and fed some of the animals - the giraffe was my favorite! And then we drove in our car through the safari, stopping to let the animals stick their heads in our car, and laughing because Zachary was so upset by this!

Once in Branson, we explored the downtown, the lakefront, the fish hatchery, and of course our hotel pool!

At the hatchery, you can feed the fish, which the kids enjoyed greatly. We took a side drive into Arkansas, so I can say I've been there. I even fell asleep in the car there! We had a fun time and for an overnight getaway from Kansas City, Branson is a good option! Dave and I want to go back without the kids and try zip lining! :)

Simon is 11 Months Old

Where has the time gone? I keep meaning to update this blog with posts about our adventures as far back as Memorial Day. Oops. I couldn't let today pass without updating about Simon. I have not written about his milestones since he was 9 months, so in the past two months he has started crawling completely and quickly, he pulls to a stand constantly, he has two teeth and hopefully more on the way, he eats anything you offer him, he can sit from a crawl and crawl from a sit, he loves the bath and the pool - he's even discovered he can splash in the toilet if the bathroom door is left open, he's becoming a real little boy!

10 months old
Today - 11 Months Old
Dressed as a ballerina

Not in Jersey Moments

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

During the month of May, I had two actual Not in Jersey moments that I have been meaning to share.

First incident: I was looking out of the front window when I saw a woman walk by with her small dog. Said dog decided to poop on my lawn. Okay, it was on the other side of the sidewalk, on the strip of grass between the sidewalk and the street. The woman did not pick up her dog's poop. Now, in New Jersey, I routinely got into arguments with the annoying people who insisted on parking in front of my driveway while picking up their kids from the school across the street. It happened so often, it was almost a hobby. However, this time I restrained myself from opening the door and yelling at the woman! Because hey, I don't live in New Jersey anymore! In Kansas we don't yell at our neighbors...

However, in Kansas we do have tornadoes. You may remember last fall when I posted about our weather radio and the weather in Kansas. I mentioned then that it is pretty rare for tornadoes to come through where I live. Yet, two times in one week the tornado sirens went off. The second time, the warning was actually quite close to where we live, so Simon, Rudy, and I spent some time in the basement. Gabbie was safely in her school's basement, and Zachary was not so safely in his school's hallway. Zachary's school does not have a basement - something I would not have had to worry about in New Jersey. Luckily, the tornado warning passed by without developing. And the next time the tornado sirens sounded, it was only a test. Imagine being on the playground with 13 kids (and 4 other adults) and being blasted by the tornado siren. Certainly not in New Jersey.

End of School Projects

Forgive me for I am a little behind (just a little...). The following projects were made for L'ag B'Omer and Shavuot!

Gabbie's bonfire with Hebrew labels
Gabbie's image of herself with a book that says "I study Torah" in Hebrew
Love Your Neighbor project
L'ag B'Omer words
Another bonfire - I like how Gabbie drew the faces around it
Hebrew fill in the blanks - not for a holiday, just a vocabulary page!
Zachary's Love Your Neighbor project!
The kids have been out of school for two weeks already. Camp started yesterday and everyone is having a great time so far!