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Trip to NJ

Friday, December 3, 2010

We just got back yesterday from our trip to New Jersey, which got extended by one day due to the weather on Wednesday. Every flight back to Kansas City was cancelled, except for one that went through Cleveland and arrived after 1 AM. We decided just to stick it out for another night and flew home with no problems yesterday.  We had a lot of fun visiting various people and we have lots of photos to show for it!

We arrived on Thanksgiving, and headed straight to my parents' house for dinner. My brother Mark was in from Atlanta, so he got to meet Simon for the first time.

They had a great time together!

Gabbie and Zachary had a great time too!
After dinner, we headed up to Dave's parents' house, where Simon's cousins were waiting to meet him.  While Simon was a big hit, it was Zachary's antics that kept everyone entertained!

To be continued with more pictures from the trip!