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NJ Trip Days 2 and 3

Saturday, December 4, 2010

On our second day in NJ, which was last Friday, we started the day with bagels from Sammy's. Since my brother-in-law owns Sammy's, we ate there quite a bit on the trip. Actually though, we ate the bagels at Dave's parents house, along with our friends, Lori and Andrew.  Andrew and Dave then went to visit the cemetary and remember together our good friend who passed away six years ago. Meanwhile, our respective children bonded and played together.  Zachary even managed to get everyone to watch his current favorite, the Letter Factory, before play time was over. 

We all headed out to Sammy's Pizza for lunch, where I got my favorite salad and experienced some New Jersey rudeness as people refused to give up chairs that were holding coats and empty baby car seats in order that we have space to sit.

After lunch and a bit of shopping, we headed to Dave's sister's house where we spent a lovely Shabbos with the family. (8 adults, 8 kids! Although my oldest niece is 21, so she's not really a kid!) Zachary once again entertained his cousins, and when it was time for bed he proclaimed that he wouldn't be tired forever! Of course, after a tantrum and a bit of bed switching, he fell asleep within minutes.

After Shabbos, Gabbie enjoyed some dancing with Aunt Jodi and Cousin Atara and then we said goodbye, thinking we would not see the kids again on our trip. This turned out not to be the case as our travel plans changed later in the week. More about that in a future entry!

The Dancing Divas