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Hanukkah Gifts Revisited

Thursday, December 9, 2010

You may remember my stressing about what to get the kids for Hanukkah. Here is the post about Gabbie's possible gifts and here is the post about Zachary's. I ended up sticking with some of the same ideas, but did not end up buying the magna-tiles and definitely stuck to less expensive gifts overall.  Here is what they got:

1. Hello Kitty slippers - gift from Gramy and Grandpa (also a Barbie from Aunt Jodi)
2. Small photobook from Vistaprint and a knit dress for her Rebecca doll
3. The Illustrated Mashal on the Weekly Parshah (bought in NJ)
4. The Art of Knitting 4 Kids
5. Disney Fairies underwear and a new ballet tutu - gift from Gramy and Grandpa
6. Rebecca and Ana and Candlelight for Rebecca - gift from Uncle Mark
7. Rain boots (bought when they were buy one get one 1/2 off at - we declared this gift to be from Grandma and Grandpa (they gave us money to buy the kids something)
8. Nightgown and tights (bought by Aunt Jodi) and this wooden puzzle

1. Lightning McQueen slippers - gift from Gramy and Grandpa (also pretend keys from Aunt Jodi)
2. Toy Story blanket with his name on it (bought on sale from because he was the only one of the kids without a personalized blanket.)
3. Melissa and Doug Car Carrier - gift from Uncle Mark
4. Potty Watch (bought using swagbucks on amazon!)
5. Thomas underwear and pajamas - gift from Gramy and Grandpa
6. Shalom Sesame DVD
7. Rain boots (same as above) - gift from Grandma and Grandpa
8. Do-a-Dot Markers (bought with 40% off coupon at Michael's) and this wooden puzzle

Simon just got a few gifts since he doesn't need them or notice if he gets them or not. He got a Sophie the Giraffe from Uncle Mark and a breastfeeding symbol wooden teether from me. He also received money to put away for later.

Again, I don't like commercialization or going overboard with gifts for Hanukkah, but I was happy with getting the kids a few new fun things and a few new useful things to enjoy during the holiday and beyond.