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Monday, November 1, 2010

Hanukah is Coming...

Only one month till Hanukah! Time to start thinking about gifts. (Disclaimer: We try not to make a huge deal out of Hanukah as it has been turned into a commercial holiday and its importance in terms of Judaism has been blown out of proportion, but we do give the kids small gifts each night, some from us and some from other family members if they choose to send presents.) Here are some of my ideas.

Gabbie is much easier to find gifts for than Zachary is. (And Simon doesn't need gifts every night!) So I'll start with my ideas for Gabbie!

1. Rebecca Books - Rebecca and Ana and Candlelight for Rebecca
2. A learn to knit kit - most are recommended for ages 7 and up though so I'm not sure.
3. Knit clothes for Rebecca
4. Kid's Parsha book - maybe this one?
5. New ballet leotard
6. Slippers

My next few ideas are for the kids to share, if that is a good idea, I'm not sure!

1. Guidecraft Rainbow Blocks - see the fun things these kids did with them!
2. Magna-tiles - I think these things are pretty cool too.

Although those ideas are pretty similar, so maybe just one or the other. So if I did that, I'd need one more thing for Gabbie. And she wants a doll backpack carrier. Hmm.

Ideas for Zachary?

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lil_nance said...

I would definitely go for the Magna-tiles. I've heard good things about them and I think they be more interesting than the blocks. I can't show Avery that doll backpack or she'll add it to her list.