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Gift Ideas for Zachary

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gift ideas for Zachary, the kid who only likes to watch TV and push his cars around the house...and I don't really want to get him 8 more cars...

1. Do-A-Dot Art Set
2. A new Uncle Moishy DVD
3. Slippers
4. Melissa and Doug Car Carrier
5. Something learning oriented, maybe something with the ABC's
6. Thomas underwear, not that he needs more underwear that he will either not wear or use like diapers...
7. Transportation peg or Monkey peg set??
8. And the Magna-tiles set that he will share with Gabbie. But they're really expensive!

I'm getting a bit stressed about all of this, and if I want to order off of Amazon, I should probably make up my mind for sure and place the order soon. Suggestions are still welcome.