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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gabbie's school work - Family and Home

Yesterday Gabbie brought home her school projects from her Family and Home unit. We got to see these projects at school during our parent / teacher conference, but here they are for you to see!

My family - right to left - Aba (dad), Ima (mom), Ach (brother), Ani (me), Ach (brother)
Parts of the body - labeled in Hebrew
Top to Bottom: My name is Gabriella, my birthday is the 21 of Adar, my eyes are green, my hair is brown.
House with Hebrew labels on front and inside
Have I mentioned Gabbie can read Hebrew? She doesn't know it all yet but she can read what she has learned so far in class! She is also getting much better at sounding out words in English, which makes me very proud!

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