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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Simon is about the cutest baby ever!

He has found his hands.
He shoves them into his mouth.
He doesn't quite hold onto toys, but he snuggles with his monkey blanket!
Simon can't wait to meet 4 of his cousins, 2 of his uncles, and 1 of his aunts, plus see all of his grandparents and 1 of his aunts again!

Traveling With Kids

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We are so excited we will be In Jersey (as opposed to Not In Jersey) next week! However, I am getting nervous about the traveling part of the trip. I have always said I love traveling, but what I really love is being places, not the process of getting there. And that applies to travel even without kids.

Simon is now 3 months old. The first time we flew with Gabbie, she was 2 months old. The first time we flew with Zachary, he was 2 months old, and Gabbie was 2 years old. So Simon is a month older than the other two were, but now we have 3 of them - and only 2 of us. I am not so concerned about how Simon will do on the plane - I imagine I will just nurse him pretty much the whole flight. However, it will be hard for me to entertain one of the other kids while doing this - we will be sitting in two rows of two seats. Hopefully Gabbie will be able to fend for herself somewhat. I expect Zachary to be unwilling to sit still though!

And then there is the matter of security. This time we are checking bags. It is very difficult to get across an airport with all of our luggage, plus a stroller, plus the kids. Going through the security machines is a pain, you have to take shoes off everyone (remind me not to put Simon's shoes on!), everything out of your pockets and into the bins, coats off, stroller folded, everyone walk across, get all your stuff back together. Add in my newest concern - high radiation special x-ray machines in which our bodies can be seen without clothes - and I am not feeling very happy about this trip!

Luckily, I have much to look forward to when we get there. Food, family, friends, and more food! I need to make a list of restaurants to visit! And I can't wait to see everyone!

So wish us luck!

Gabbie's photography

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Today we finally cleared out the photos on Gabbie's camera because she kept running out of room to take more pictures. There were 377 pictures on there! So many old pictures of Gabbie and Zachary when they were little. Here are some of them:

Then there were lots of pictures of random furniture and lots of Gabbie's toys! This is one of my favorites:

it's our Scottie statue!      

This one she took last night!

Simon is 3 Months Old

Sunday, November 14, 2010

As I got ready to take Simon's 3 month old photo this morning, I realized he wore the same thing on his 2 month birthday! I guess this way we can see his growth in the outfit as well.

Today - 3 months
2 months
1 month

My Birthday

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yesterday was my birthday, and thanks to facebook, all my friends knew about it! My wall was overwhelmed with Happy Birthday postings, and they made me smile a lot. Gabbie came home from school and told me that Daddy bought me a present at Subway. I was a little confused, until I realized he had found a way to get a cake we could eat after our hamburgers, which I had requested when asked what I wanted to eat on my birthday. Aside from the extra large cookie cake that he brought home, I also received a delivery of a cake made of flowers!

We thought it was a real cake at first! It came with a teddy bear and a balloon. The bear was adopted by the kids and the balloon was deflated by Zachary. Thanks to Jodi for the delivery!

Gabbie's school work - Family and Home

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Yesterday Gabbie brought home her school projects from her Family and Home unit. We got to see these projects at school during our parent / teacher conference, but here they are for you to see!

My family - right to left - Aba (dad), Ima (mom), Ach (brother), Ani (me), Ach (brother)
Parts of the body - labeled in Hebrew
Top to Bottom: My name is Gabriella, my birthday is the 21 of Adar, my eyes are green, my hair is brown.
House with Hebrew labels on front and inside
Have I mentioned Gabbie can read Hebrew? She doesn't know it all yet but she can read what she has learned so far in class! She is also getting much better at sounding out words in English, which makes me very proud!

School Work - Parsha Toldot

Monday, November 8, 2010

Both kids really loved learning last week's Parsha (Torah section). When hanging out with friends who have kids in class with both of my kids, the children were having a parsha discussion while eating dinner! Here are some of their projects from school.

Gabbie's Yaakov and Eisav puppet - Yaakov side
Eisav side
Zachary's lentil soup
Zachary's Eisav and Yaakov puppets

Matching Sweaters

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Remember the striped sweater I was working on for Zachary? Well I finished it on Oct. 19, but finally sewed on the buttons and finished Simon's matching sweater on Friday, in time for the boys to wear the sweaters to shul on Shabbos. I did not get a picture of Simon wearing his, but here are the pictures I do have!

Library Books

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Here are some of our recent library picks. Can you guess who picked which books?

Gift Ideas for Zachary

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gift ideas for Zachary, the kid who only likes to watch TV and push his cars around the house...and I don't really want to get him 8 more cars...

1. Do-A-Dot Art Set
2. A new Uncle Moishy DVD
3. Slippers
4. Melissa and Doug Car Carrier
5. Something learning oriented, maybe something with the ABC's
6. Thomas underwear, not that he needs more underwear that he will either not wear or use like diapers...
7. Transportation peg or Monkey peg set??
8. And the Magna-tiles set that he will share with Gabbie. But they're really expensive!

I'm getting a bit stressed about all of this, and if I want to order off of Amazon, I should probably make up my mind for sure and place the order soon. Suggestions are still welcome.

Zachary's School Work

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Zachary brought home some beautiful projects from school last week!

Camel drinking from the well
Clouds over Sarah's tent
Fall collage

Hanukah is Coming...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Only one month till Hanukah! Time to start thinking about gifts. (Disclaimer: We try not to make a huge deal out of Hanukah as it has been turned into a commercial holiday and its importance in terms of Judaism has been blown out of proportion, but we do give the kids small gifts each night, some from us and some from other family members if they choose to send presents.) Here are some of my ideas.

Gabbie is much easier to find gifts for than Zachary is. (And Simon doesn't need gifts every night!) So I'll start with my ideas for Gabbie!

1. Rebecca Books - Rebecca and Ana and Candlelight for Rebecca
2. A learn to knit kit - most are recommended for ages 7 and up though so I'm not sure.
3. Knit clothes for Rebecca
4. Kid's Parsha book - maybe this one?
5. New ballet leotard
6. Slippers

My next few ideas are for the kids to share, if that is a good idea, I'm not sure!

1. Guidecraft Rainbow Blocks - see the fun things these kids did with them!
2. Magna-tiles - I think these things are pretty cool too.

Although those ideas are pretty similar, so maybe just one or the other. So if I did that, I'd need one more thing for Gabbie. And she wants a doll backpack carrier. Hmm.

Ideas for Zachary?