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Toy and Miniature Museum

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gabbie had school off again today for parent teacher conferences. Our adventures took us to the Toy and Miniature Museum. Gabbie called it the Doll Museum, because many of the exhibits were dolls and dollhouses. It was really pretty neat to see, and Gabbie had a great time pointing out everything. There was also a marble exhibit and a Barbie exhibit, which we enjoyed looking at. The other part of the museum was miniatures, which Gabbie learned are small replicas of real things. They look like toys, but they really are just to look at.

Marble games
Cabinets and drawers with marbles
American Girl display
Barbie display
More Barbies
Gabbie writing her name on her Barbie Story paper
"I have a Barbie Princess with a castle and a baby!"
Talking about what she was looking at
Doll House exhibit
One of the many doll houses
A farm toy exhibit
A doll house
Toy cars
Trains - supposed to resemble Grand Central Station
Noah's Ark Display

Tomorrow is another day off. We do have to go to school for Gabbie's conference, but hopefully we will have another fun adventure in the morning!