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Monday, October 11, 2010

School Projects

I've been reading a lot of homeschool blogs, mostly for ideas of craft / learning activities I can do with the kids after school. They always show off their kids' projects, which is very inspiring! Even though I'm not a homeschooler, I decided I'd share some of my kids' school projects - because they are really nice and they make me happy!

First up are the Noah's Ark charts that both kids made in their respective classes. Zachary's is on top. He was delighted to tell me about the garbage on the bottom level, the animals in the middle, and the "peoples" on top. I'm not sure what the cut out of potatoes means. I love how his teacher writes his name in Hebrew at the bottom. In Gabbie's picture, you can see how SHE wrote her Hebrew name at the top. At the bottom, she has written Teivat Noach.

Zachary's chart
Gabbie's Teivah

This is Zachary's Simchat Torah flag. I'm posting it a little late but I love it! The flaps in front open and close and his picture is inside.

How Cute!
 This is Gabbie's rainbow which she painted. She is learning the Hebrew words for the colors and she learned about the blessing said when we see a rainbow to remind us that God will never again send a flood to destroy the world.

Hebrew name written at the bottom, pretty paint job!
This is from the beginning of school when Gabbie was learning to write her Hebrew name. She can now both spell it (naming the Hebrew letters) and write it on her own. The sheets below show some of her work on the Hebrew letters bet, samech, and alef.

Gabbie knows all of the Hebrew words for these pictures.
Zachary is starting the alef-bet this week, so if he brings his projects home I will show you them next week!


Roni said...

Wow. I am impressed! I love that she can write in Hebrew. She really seems to take pride in her work, it takes a lot of effort to make such nice projects. She is ready to come to Israel with all her Hebrew. Looks like Zachary is getting quite the education too!

Amy said...

I'm impressed, too! Did you or Dave learn the Hebrew alphabet that young? That is cool. You must be so proud :)

Dara said...

I know I started learning the alphabet in kindergarten, but I went to a Jewish Sunday school only - I didn't learn it every day in school like Gabbie. She is really retaining everything amazingly!