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Peer Pressure for 3 Year Olds

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How well does peer pressure work for 3 year olds? On Monday, Zachary mentioned Superman for the first time ever (although maybe he meant Super Why?) and I imagine he must have learned of Superman at school.  He also decided he likes Buzz (Lightyear) since he saw a friend with a Buzz toy. He was willing to wear a blue sweater because Simon has a matching one.

However it seems that these ideas have to come on their own. Because as much as I drill him with the names of his friends at school who use the potty, Zachary is still not interested. He always has an answer: "I'll go on Friday." "I'll wear underwear soon." "I do go potty!" (yeah, like once a week).

I'm thinking of getting some Buzz underwear, but I know I'm going to have to just put him in the underwear and be ready to change him 10x a day until he gets it. He's not going to decide he's ready until I force him to be. I guess that's Mommy pressure. Maybe if I bribe his friends they'll do it for me?