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Current Favorites

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A good friend of mine recently commented asking what the kids' current favorites are. I thought it would make an interesting post, if I can think of what their favorites might be! (If I ask them they say they don't know or they list a bunch of things they like, not necessarily their favorite thing).

Of course, she loves her Rebecca doll.
She loves doing projects and making things. She seems to like these paint pens I got her recently.
She loves all things ballet, especially this music box that Uncle Mark sent her.
She also likes to play on my computer.

His favorite thing is watching videos (DVDs). He begs for them constantly. His favorites are Caillou and Uncle Moishy.
He likes to color on paper and then cut it up.
He especially enjoys playing with things that I don't want him to play with - the baby's playmat or the window blinds, for example.
And if he's in the right mood he will play with his cars or his garage.

I guess he's too little for favorites! He did get a cool toy called a Skwish which is pretty fun! And he likes to chill in his bouncy seat (or bumpy seat, as Zachary calls it).

Hanukah is coming soon and I've been thinking about what to get the kids. I have a few ideas already, and will post them soon. How about you, any Hanukah gift ideas?