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Recipes from Shabbos

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Having guests for Shabbos meals can be challenging when the guests present food preferences such as "no meat but no dairy either" or "no gluten please." Cooking a variety of food seems to solve this problem, and I was proud of the meal I made this past Shabbos. Our guests were a family with one member who does not eat gluten and one who does not eat meat, plus another friend who said she likes to eat gluten free as well. (Gluten free Challah roll and cookies were provided by the family.) The meal included:
  • My old stand by specialty - Tuna Potatoes, adapted from the recipe in the Spice and Spirit Cookbook.
  • Quinoa Salad
  • Taco Salad - no cheese and used Italian dressing instead
  • Two types of chicken made by Dave - one was barbecued and one had buffalo sauce
  • Fried rice - I halved this recipe and it came out really yummy!
  • Broccoli Kugel (left off the bread crumb topping)
  • Blondies for dessert - the pan cookie variation in the recipe
I enjoy having guests every so often and even though I don't think I'm a good cook, I like to try out recipes. Any suggestions for my next meal with guests?

Friday's Adventure

On Friday, Gabbie and I went to Paint, Glaze, and Fire to paint projects. We had a lot of fun there. When everything is fired, we will get to pick up 4 different projects! We had one tile from the Jewish Arts Festival, which Gabbie had painted but still needed to be fired. Then, she painted a bee and I painted a plate to hang in our kitchen. I used stencils for the flowers, and the lady who worked there helped with the lettering. And finally, we got a free infant footprint tile for Simon.

Hopefully she will remember to change the Y back into a U in August!

Toy and Miniature Museum

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gabbie had school off again today for parent teacher conferences. Our adventures took us to the Toy and Miniature Museum. Gabbie called it the Doll Museum, because many of the exhibits were dolls and dollhouses. It was really pretty neat to see, and Gabbie had a great time pointing out everything. There was also a marble exhibit and a Barbie exhibit, which we enjoyed looking at. The other part of the museum was miniatures, which Gabbie learned are small replicas of real things. They look like toys, but they really are just to look at.

Marble games
Cabinets and drawers with marbles
American Girl display
Barbie display
More Barbies
Gabbie writing her name on her Barbie Story paper
"I have a Barbie Princess with a castle and a baby!"
Talking about what she was looking at
Doll House exhibit
One of the many doll houses
A farm toy exhibit
A doll house
Toy cars
Trains - supposed to resemble Grand Central Station
Noah's Ark Display

Tomorrow is another day off. We do have to go to school for Gabbie's conference, but hopefully we will have another fun adventure in the morning!

A Wordless Post

Current Favorites

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A good friend of mine recently commented asking what the kids' current favorites are. I thought it would make an interesting post, if I can think of what their favorites might be! (If I ask them they say they don't know or they list a bunch of things they like, not necessarily their favorite thing).

Of course, she loves her Rebecca doll.
She loves doing projects and making things. She seems to like these paint pens I got her recently.
She loves all things ballet, especially this music box that Uncle Mark sent her.
She also likes to play on my computer.

His favorite thing is watching videos (DVDs). He begs for them constantly. His favorites are Caillou and Uncle Moishy.
He likes to color on paper and then cut it up.
He especially enjoys playing with things that I don't want him to play with - the baby's playmat or the window blinds, for example.
And if he's in the right mood he will play with his cars or his garage.

I guess he's too little for favorites! He did get a cool toy called a Skwish which is pretty fun! And he likes to chill in his bouncy seat (or bumpy seat, as Zachary calls it).

Hanukah is coming soon and I've been thinking about what to get the kids. I have a few ideas already, and will post them soon. How about you, any Hanukah gift ideas?


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I finally got a picture of Simon in the bathtub last night. So now I have one of each of them! Our baby bath has been through 3 kids, as you can see!


Guess Who Was in the Newspaper?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gabbie wears a uniform to school which consists of pink, maroon, light blue, or white shirts with collars or turtle necks (Gabbie calls them frog necks) and blue, black, or khaki bottoms. They have monthly "go green"days where they bring in recyclables and wear a green shirt and jeans. (Actually, every child is receiving a free Holchim Yarok shirt from the school - for which we had to print and return paper forms - what about email if we're going green?) Tomorrow they are supposed to wear red for Drug Free week. And about 2 weeks ago they had Pink For the Cure Day. The kindergartners had their picture taken and this week they appeared in the Kansas City Jewish Chronicle (which I now have a free 6 month subscription to thanks to the Shalom Baby program)!

(Gabbie in the square)

Aren't There Tornadoes in Kansas?

Well, I guess so. Supposedly they're pretty common here. Luckily we did make it through our first summer here without any sirens (besides the ones that go off on the first Wednesday of every month at 11 AM). Some of you may know that my brother Mark is a famous meteorologist - check out his show Lightning Rod!! - so when we moved here he gave us a weather alert radio (something like that link). It gives us messages when there are weather alerts, so we know when the big thunderstorms or downpours on the way home from synagogue are going to strike. I also have the Weather Channel desktop on my computer and that gives me alerts as well. For example, right now it is telling me there is a Rangeland Fire Statement until tomorrow at 10:15 AM. Hmm.

In any event, the weather in Overland Park is pretty fickle. There's some kind of joke about it - if you don't like the weather wait 10 minutes and it will be different. Something like that. In other words it rains, or it pours, but 10 minutes later the sun is out. In the spring, it might have been raining at my house but not at school by the time I got there for pickup. Right now, it is pretty cool in the mornings, but hot in the afternoons. And yes, sometimes it's windy. But it's not the Wizard of Oz most of the time, if at all, here in Overland Park.

I did hear that last winter was our coldest in quite awhile - we were apoligized to multiple times about that one - so hopefully this coming winter won't be quite as bad!

Peer Pressure for 3 Year Olds

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How well does peer pressure work for 3 year olds? On Monday, Zachary mentioned Superman for the first time ever (although maybe he meant Super Why?) and I imagine he must have learned of Superman at school.  He also decided he likes Buzz (Lightyear) since he saw a friend with a Buzz toy. He was willing to wear a blue sweater because Simon has a matching one.

However it seems that these ideas have to come on their own. Because as much as I drill him with the names of his friends at school who use the potty, Zachary is still not interested. He always has an answer: "I'll go on Friday." "I'll wear underwear soon." "I do go potty!" (yeah, like once a week).

I'm thinking of getting some Buzz underwear, but I know I'm going to have to just put him in the underwear and be ready to change him 10x a day until he gets it. He's not going to decide he's ready until I force him to be. I guess that's Mommy pressure. Maybe if I bribe his friends they'll do it for me?

Gabbie's school work

Yesterday it was Gabbie's turn to bring home the Estimation Jar. She was to put objects in the jar between the amount of 10 and 30 and her friends at school will estimate how many objects there are. We decided to use buttons, and Gabbie put in 19. She then had to draw a picture of her objects.

Today, she brought home a special card for me. Since she is learning Hebrew dates at school, I told her yesterday that 11 Cheshvan is my Hebrew birthday. She remembered!

Although I've always known my Hebrew birth date, I never realized that I share this date with the yahrzeit of Rachel Imeinu. Apparently, this day is considered by some to be the Jewish Mother's Day. Gabbie learned all about Rachel today and told me immediately after giving me my card that she had learned something else important about this date. It's amazing how much she is learning!


Monday, October 18, 2010

When they feel like it, my kids are pretty creative. Gabbie especially loves to make up games with dolls and toys and she loves making projects. Yesterday, Gabbie led Zachary in putting these dolls around Simon. They said that each one represents one of us.

Later, Gabbie made a house out of a shoebox for these dolls. I tried to take a picture but it didn't come out well. She cut a hole for a door and she put in a table, a couch, and a TV. On the top she made a bed.

Also yesterday, Gabbie made a leaf collage. She even made that twisty pipe cleaner thingy all by herself.

As for me, I knit a diaper soaker for Simon. I haven't finished any of my WIPs from last Wednesday, but this one is finished!

American Girl

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Conversation between Gabbie and her friend A:

Gabbie: You know the American Girl Store is open in Oak Park Mall.
A: I know, you told me a million times.

Yes, Gabbie was very excited about the new American Girl Store in Kansas City (actually Overland Park). Yesterday she was off of school for who-knows-what (teacher in-service) so we went to visit the store. Rebecca got her hair done and a new outfit.

Rebecca's hair
Display including the new outfit Rebecca got
Gabbie signing her name to get her doll back
A happy girl and her doll

If only this stuff didn't cost so much...

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tomorrow, October 15, is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Today my Moms' Group commemorated by having a balloon launch in a local park. We took a moment to acknoweledge those in our group who have had losses and let our balloons go. I chose a pink balloon in memory of my friend Yael's baby Shiny.

As we let our balloons go, I also took the moment to be thankful for my children. Today Simon is 2 months old and I took his picture on the blanket that I knit for him. Although I'm not catching such great photos, you can see a big difference in his size as compared to one month ago (bottom picture)!


Simon smiles occasionally and rolled over from belly to back 4 times. We are trying out cloth diapers now. He is sleeping nicely at night and doing well overall! We will see how much he weighs now at his next doctor appointment next week.